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Fresh Eggs

Hatching Eggs

PLEASE CALL 832-404-3368 BEFORE PLACING ANY ORDERS to check availability. 
*refunds are subject to a 5% service charge through the payment system and I 
don't want anyone losing out on money because of the PayPal fine print!

Rainbow Pen

Our Black Ameraucana are the featured breed for the rainbow pen.​ Our line of Ameraucana lay a deep blue egg thus leading to shades of mint, olive, green, pink and purple hatching eggs. Hens hatched from this pen have the chance of laying Blue, Green, Mint, Pink, Purple or Olive colored eggs. The Rainbow pen consists of Black Ameraucana, Easter Egger (Ameraucana Line), Black Copper Maran, Australorpe, and Welsummer Hens fertilized by a Black Ameraucana Rooster. 

Fertilized Hatching Eggs (6, 12)

Fertilized Hatching Eggs (6, 12)


Ayam Cemani
*Call for Schedule of Availability, these are in high demand

Our Ayam Cemani were selected as juveniles for their unique blackness - all black from toes to beak, black and iridescent feathering with deep dark grey mouths. We payed thousands of dollars to select our breeding lines, and with our hatching eggs you can jump start your fibro-flock additions with the same high quality birds. Having high quality breeders from lines such as Greenfire Farms and Feather Love Farms allows us to offer hatching eggs that will yield much darker cemani, but as with all breeds there are imperfect specimens that are referred to as culls. Buying hatching eggs means you may encounter such chicks - with less than perfect features. You also have the chance of hatching extremely high quality chicks that may not be available to purchase directly from a breeder since these pure traits are so highly desired often times breeders keep perfect specimen. 

Ayam Cemani Hatching Eggs are sold in quantities of 3.


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