Ayam Cemani - Live Chicks
  • Ayam Cemani straight run (possibility of male or female) baby chicks.


    Unsexed Chicks are sold between the ages of 4 days to 2 weeks at this price. Larger orders (greater than 25) will have a longer wait time, and orders are filled on a first-in first-out basis. Discounts available for orders of 10 or more.


    Older Chicks:

    If you would like older juvenile (or sexed) chicks, there will be a waiting period and you must pre-order through the website to get on the waiting list. Contact us for availability and pricing on juveniles.


    Show Quality Cemani:

    We hatch a LIMITED number of show quality Ayam Cemani here, please contact for more information and pricing. Birds are sold individually and price varies from $100-350 depending on depth of fibro, age, and features.

    Ayam Cemani - Live Chicks