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My Mother wanted chickens, my father disagreed. So she got chickens.


Fast forward five years to today, and you'll arrive at Tinyhouse Egg Company. We are passionate about food and providing the best ingredients - and we want everyone to share our passion for the highest quality eggs money can buy

Our Mission


Choose Nature to Nurture

Our hens are 100% free-range, grazing across 8-acres of pesticide-free and herbicide-free fields to yield top quality eggs. By choosing to feed our chickens from the land rather than a package we are avoiding unwanted hormones and processed ingredients which reduce egg quality. 


No Cull, No Kill

Every batch of hatching eggs contains 50% males and 50% females. We all know roosters don't lay eggs, but what you may not know is that over 20 million one-day old male chicks per year are killed in processing plants for that very reason. At Tinyhouse, each bird - whether male or female - grows to term. 


Golden Yellow Yolks

Our eggs pack the biggest taste, with golden yolks creamy and delicious. Each carton contains 12 fresh eggs, guaranteed to be fresher and more flavorful than any grocery store variety, or your money back.

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